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About Us


  • in meeting our clients where they are.  We encourage you to show up as your authentic self.

  • mental health is as important as physical health.

  • less is more. The right medication can be lifechanging. If it's not, we'll explore if there are other options.

  • in education.  Saw something on social media or questioning what is right for you? Let's talk about it.

  • in anonymity and guard the privacy of our clients.

  • in collaboration. We appreciate working with others you know and trust.


  • in assembly line medicine. Corporate, private equity owned mental health care is not how we roll.  We take our time and it shows.

  • in judgment.  Everyone struggles.  We are a kind, inclusive, woman-owned practice.

  • in being uptight.  We balance the seriousness of our evidence based work with moments of levity and humor.

  • in traffic. Live far? Don't want to drive? Log in from the comfort of your home or office for 100% confidential telehealth sessions.


If you are interested in working with us please choose a location and request an appointment.  We look forward to getting started!

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