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What ages do you serve at Common Ground Psychiatry?

Our practice serves the mental health needs of adults and teens over the age of 14.

Should I choose in-office or virtual appointments?

This is entirely up to you.  Many clients prefer the ease of virtual appointments so they are able to prioritize mental health care within their busy schedule.  Others feel more comfortable talking in our quiet office overlooking the lake.  Clients appreciate knowing that if pressed for time they can convert to a virtual appointment the same day.

Once I make an appointment, what's next?

You can schedule online or by calling 704-237-0752. Look for an email with new client forms and a completely confidential 'get to know' you questionnaire.  Please submit this at least 24 hours prior to your appointment so we have maximum time to discuss your concerns during your session.

How do I start my virtual session?

At the top of this website or halfway down the main page click START MY VIRTUAL SESSION.  You will be directed to a confidential HIPAA compliant room with your provider.  If you ever have any questions about your visit you can text or call us!

Why do you not take insurance and how can I submit claims to my insurance from your office?

It’s important to be informed about insurance as it relates to mental health care.  Insurance pays for services that are “medically necessary” which means that in order to get reimbursement you have to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder and that this condition is negatively affecting your ability to get on with life.  The issue is that many times we seek treatment before things get out of hand, when anxiety is affecting our ability to perform at work, when grief is taking front seat to happiness, or when we feel paralyzed to take action.  Say you do have depression, your loved one is struggling with alcoholism, or your teen is behaving erratically; keeping mental health care out of the hands of ‘big data’ is important.  Common Ground Psychiatry aims to be part of de-stigmatizing mental health care HOWEVER we don’t think that what is shared in our sessions should ever be the business of your insurance company. 
This being said, when you process your own claim you have better control over who sees what.  Following your session we provide you with a Super Bill which has office codes showing what was billed for services provided.  You can self-submit to your insurance for consideration for out of network benefits or use a service like Reimbursify which submits the Super Bill for you in under 2 minutes.

Do you offer therapy?

The providers at Common Ground Psychiatry are board certified in mental health and often incorporate therapy into each medication management session.  However, we strongly agree with evidence based research that shows that the BEST results come from engaging in targeted therapy for your individual situation.  If following your session we feel you would benefit from a referral we have wonderful relationships with therapy offices to help accelerate getting you the results you deserve.

I am booking a session for my teen. How do we navigate mental health care for our child?

Upon booking you and your child will be sent separate questionnaires so that your provider can understand the teen's point of view and that of each parent/guardian. We ask that at least one adult be present for the session in order to discuss  concerns and review the proposed treatment plan at the end. We have experience partnering with co-parents, Pediatricians, and Child/Adolescent Therapists. Our goal is to advocate on behalf of your child for their improved mental wellbeing and success in life.