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What makes us different

One on One Feedback

Medication Consultation

Are you looking for clarity on why you're feeling the way you do?

Want to know what medications may help?

Are you a parent unsure of the best strategy?

We specialize in medication for mood  

for adults and teens ages 13 and up.

Excellence in Mental Health Care

       Medication that makes sense for you!           

A provider who truly values your experience

                               Judgment-free care                              

            Someone your teen connects with             

Strict confidentiality

Working from Cafe

Virtual or in-office visits

Appointments from your office, home,

or even the school parking lot.   

We have an office in Davidson and Raleigh

or can see you while you're on the go!


We care for clients throughout the entire state of North Carolina.


We have great relationships with

primary care providers, specialists, and therapists.   


We can work together to get you feeling better faster!

What our clients say

"Throughout my 5 years of mental health struggles I have really never felt connected with any Psychiatrist. I was never honest because I felt I just couldn't be.  I stumbled upon your website just hoping for something different.  From the moment I was introduced to Debbie I felt at peace.  She's helped me so much it's crazy.  She told me never to use that word but sometimes when you experience such a massive difference you just want to shout "This. This is how it should be".  Debbie is the real deal."


“Reaching out to Common Ground Psychiatry was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Erin has gone above and beyond by reaching out to her network to inquire about the right specialists and services in our area and by sharing her impressions to assist other professionals working with our daughter. In addition, Erin is incredibly knowledgeable in her field, both medically and psychologically.  After years of therapy and various assessments, with nothing ever quite fitting, we finally feel like we are on the right track with our daughter to get her the treatment that she needs. "


"The Nurse Practitioners at Common Ground are phenomenal. As a therapist I refer any client who may benefit from medication or has lacked confidence in previous Psychiatric providers. My clients always come back calmer, with a real plan they feel confident in.  They are great collaborators and have always been invested in anyone I send their way."


"My husband recommends you to everyone he knows. You've always trusted him to know his body, encouraged him to prioritize sleep, and I feel you only ever had him on the minimum amount of medication to help him feel himself.  He's been off medication for 6 months now and he's back to the man I married.  Thanks for getting him {us} through it".



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