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Hello !

First off, thank you for coming to the site.  You may be wondering who I am and why you are being encouraged to meet with me.  I'm a Psychiatric mental health Nurse Practitioner which is a lot of words to describe someone who looks at an individual's mental health and works to optimize it. You may adore your parents or be arguing with them mercilessly but either way know that they want to you live your best life or you probably wouldn't be reading this.  


So the biggest thing you need to know is that I work for YOU.  My goal is to figure out how YOU want to feel (whether that's to be left alone, to sleep better, to be less anxious, to be less stressed in school, etc). While I do prescribe medication sometimes, its definitely not an ALWAYS thing and you definitely have a say in it.  Like I said, YOU are the most important person here so my job is to advocate for you.  I will always answer any question you have, and I'd like to think my answers about mental health are way better than Google.

This 10-20 minute questionnaire helps me get to know you before we meet in real life.  Please be honest in your selections so that I don't make any assumptions about who YOU are and how you feel about things. There's literally nothing that shocks me so don't be hesitant in saying real life stuff.  I want to appreciate your unique experience and see how I can help you ultimately be happy, as isn't that what we all want in life?

Please note that this is a completely confidential form.  Information in this questionnaire will NOT be shared with anyone including your parents/guardians without your express consent.  If ever there is something you want me to help you talk to your family about I am happy to make a plan with you to discuss it.  Other than that you can be assured that what you say in our sessions (as long as it doesn't hurt you or someone else) is CONFIDENTIAL.


I am an open book so feel free to ask me any questions.  I figure if I get to ask you a bunch of questions you should get to do the same!  I grew up on the West Coast so as my kids say I 'used' to be cool. I studied Biopsychology at the University of California Santa Barbara so in between learning Chemistry I was surfing (well) and learning to skateboard (which I was terrible at). I spent a few years in Indiana where my husband engineered on an IndyCar team and worked as a trauma ICU nurse.  I later specialized in mental health because life can be stressful and complicated and I like helping people navigate all that stuff, and ultimately feel better.  The biggest things that make me happy are my kids, camping, 75 degree days, french fries, and wakesurfing. Thank you for doing some of the questionnaire as it helps me learn more about you. I promise my job is to advocate for you so I appreciate you telling me about yourself.   I've traveled a lot, experienced anxiety/depression/grief/crazy family/breakups/way too much school stress/and life before the Internet, so I can appreciate struggle :)  I hope you find talking with me to be easy and helpful.  -erin

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