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Are you looking for clarity on why you're feeling the way you do?

Want to know what medications may help?

Are you a parent unsure of the best strategy?

We specialize in medication for mood  

for adults and teens ages 13 and up.

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       Medication that makes sense for you!           

A provider who truly values your experience

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Someone your teen connects with             

Strict confidentiality

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Virtual or in-office visits

Appointments from your office, home, or even the

school parking lot.   We have a beautiful lakeside office

or can see you while you're on the go!


We care for clients throughout the entire state of North Carolina.



We have great relationships with primary care providers,

specialists, and therapists.    We can work together to get you

feeling better faster!

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If you or your child (13+) is struggling with any of the following
Common Ground Psychiatry can help!
Two Dried Leaves
Image by Alex Azabache
Group of Friends

Young adult/teen specific issues

A Supportive Hug
City Traffic at Night
Summer Times



Man Browsing Phone
Image by Ksenia Makagonova
Intrusive thoughts

Attention deficit

Thinking Man on Couch
Mother and Baby on Floor

Postpartum and Perinatal

Couple with Child
Exploring Nature

Concerns unique to the
LGBTQ community