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Irritability and anger

Irritability and anger are two emotions everyone can say they have experienced once in their lifetime.  Interestingly, both irritability and anger go hand in hand. This is so because once someone experiences irritability, it truly displays a mixed feeling of being frustrated and anger.


Anger in and of itself speaks to feeling wronged or just an overall negative emotion. Though often referred to as a natural emotion that immediately follows an upsetting situation, it can become detrimental to others if it is not controlled. It's important to be able to pinpoint irritability and anger while effectively learning how to manage them.


Signs of Irritability and Anger

Common symptoms of irritability and anger include

  • Confusion

  • Annoyance

  • Increased breathing or heart rate

  • Overly sensitive

  • Easily agitated

  • Quickly become frustrated or upset


When one is irritable or angry, it is most likely a result of a distressing situation. The stressful event often brings on feelings of agitation and severe annoyance that are often unbearable, causing the person to be on edge by the seemingly simplest occurrence.  Anger and irritability are often caused by relationships (spousal or friend), family issues, disagreements, finances, and stress. Undiscovered mental challenges can also act as triggers for anger and irritability.


What Steps can be Practiced to Control Anger and Irritability?

You can incorporate many active steps in daily living to control irritability and anger. These include:


  • Eat a balanced diet ( lessen caffeine and alcohol)

  • Get quality sleep

  • Prioritize alone time

  • Take breaks throughout the day

  • Deep breathe

  • Be active

  • Think of something that makes you happy

  • Find a way to laugh


Irritability and anger though natural emotions, can become a hazard in your life if you allow yourself to become ruled by them. Spend the time to understand your triggers for irritability and anger and incorporate the most suitable ways.


If you're desirous of talking about anger, irritability, and mood changes interfering with your relationships and stealing your peace, Common Ground Psychiatry can help you.

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