Prescription medication
As appropriate

Medication is a wonderful tool to help with symptoms that can negatively affect daily life.  Sometimes medication is appropriate and other times it is not.  After discussing your unique needs you choose the course you feel best comfortable with.  

Please note that we strongly believe in the development of healthy patterns of anxiety management and as a result this practice does not engage in the routine prescription of benzodiazepines.

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In depth assessments

Truly understanding YOU, the client

The goal is to create a partnership where we  can understand where you are right now, where you want to be, and develop a path together to get you there! 


Some clients come to us with negative past experiences in the mental health care space. Common Ground Psychiatry will change that and help move you forward.  Based on a thorough assessment we get the diagnosis right and give you options based on your unique situation. 


We are deeply committed to providing you with extra support and guidance as you achieve your goals in a safe, encouraging environment.

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Ease of access, Strict confidentiality

Our office is located at 903 Northeast Dr #102 in Davidson, NC.

We see clients in person but also via Telepsychiatry. 

Don't wish to drive? You can easily access your session at


Concerned about everyone else in your family and feel there's no time to make your happiness the priority? 

  • Your laptop or smartphone are all you need

  • Design mental health care around your busy life


Concerned about privacy? 

  • Your sessions are 100% confidential. 

  • Never will anything be shared without your express written permission.


Concerned about time?

  • Log on during your lunch break, after a long day, between meetings, or even in the school parking lot. 

  • We make it convenient for you and your family to make mental health care a priority!